Cavendish Academy Ltd
Terms and Conditions
GDPR compliant

Cavendish Academy Ltd (hereafter referred to as the “Cavendish Academy”,“company”, “us”, “we”, and “our”) provides the service known as All prospective clients are encouraged to read and fully understand the Cavendish Academy's terms and conditions, before making any purchase.


The “Cavendish Academy”,“company”, “us”, “we”, and “our”: refers to Cavendish Academy Ltd which have their a registered office at Cavendish Academy Ltd. 101, Avondale Road, London N153SR.
“You”, “Client”, “Your”: refers to the individual making a purchase from Cavendish Academy and intends to attend a training course.
“Booking Person”: refers to the individual making the booking with Cavendish Academy, on behalf of a client or clients who intends to attend a course.
“The Website”: refers to the
“Terms and Conditions”: refers to these terms and conditions under which all business is transacted and the website service is used.
“Booking Form”: is the agreement between clients and Cavendish Academy with respect to expected delivery of services.
“Event Directions”: refers to directions that are sent to clients after payment and give details of the booked course(s).
“Working Days”: refers to days between Monday and Friday, excluding Public Holidays.

Booking for the Client

The Booking Person must ensure that the Client has full knowledge and understanding of these terms and conditions. It is the Booking Person’s responsibility to ensure that the Clients meet the eligibility and published requirements of the booked course. The Booking Person must ensure that the Client receives all the relevant information about the course, it's content, schedule, venue including any updates that are communicated by the Company.

Course Suitability

The Booking Person accepts full responsibility for ensuring that the course booked is suitable and meets the requirements of the attending clients. All training courses are delivered in the English language and all Clients must be sufficiently proficient in the English language.


Cavendish Academy reserves the right to refuse admission to, or to eject, any person from a course whom it considers in its absolute discretion to be unsuitable.

Personal Belongings

Cavendish Academy accepts no responsibility for items brought into the training venue or any loss or damage to such. The Client has sole responsibility for their personal belongings.


All intellectual property rights for all course materials, including, but not limited to, any personally taken photographs during the course by clients, shall remain the property of Cavendish Academy.

The Client agrees not to copy, reproduce, sell, share, or lend any of the course materials or make use of them with the exception of the purpose of personal reference. Cavendish Academy warrants that it will not knowingly infringe any copyrighted works neither will include any copyrighted material within its courses without consent from copyright owners.

Intellectual Property

Cavendish Academy™ is a trademark of Cavendish Academy Ltd. The website and all of its content, design, layout, and software code are subject to copyright and intellectual property rights owned by Cavendish Academy. The re-use of photographs, diagrams, illustrations, or videos featured on or in any courses delivered by us, without full attribution, is prohibited. The alteration or deletion of copyright and trademarks, is also prohibited.

All products and services provided by the Company are protected by international copyrights. Unless prior written consent is obtained from Cavendish Academy Ltd, the re-use of any course material is prohibited.

Warranty & Liability

The maximum aggregate liability for any claim of loss or damage shall be the charges for the course wherein the loss or damage has arisen. The Company’s liability for loss and damage will be limited to a claim for damages. Cavendish Academy will not accept liability for personal injury, loss, or damage caused by the negligence or willful action of any third party which includes, but not restricted to, other participants of the course.

Cavendish Academy will not be liable for any special, consequential or indirect loss, howsoever occurring, even when it has been notified of such potential loss, these losses include loss of anticipated profit or data. The Company will not be responsible for any damage resulting from any computer malware which may get installed on a Client’s computer systems.

Course Materials

Cavendish Academy will provide digital versions of it's course materials only. These can be annotated by the Client and one copy for personal use may be printed if desired.

Changes to Courses

Courses are subject to continuous review and improvement. The subject matter itself constantly changes and the Cavendish Academy reserves the right to change any part of it's course content at any time.


The published prices and quotations exclude VAT. The point of supply for VAT purposes is the location of the course. As required by UK law, Cavendish Academy will list the correct VAT amount on the invoice. VAT is payable regardless of where the Client is coming from in order to attend the event. Course prices printed on any promotional materials by Cavendish Academy will be time sensitive and are not legally binding. They are to be considered as advisory only and part of any legal agreement.

Vouchers and Credits

Gifted vouchers or credits have no monetary value. Vouchers and account credits can only be exchanged for Company courses at a maximum amount of 50% of any invoice. This maximum rate may be changed by the company at any time, without notice.


Non-attendance of any course, or part of any course, for any reason whatsoever is considered to be a cancellation without notice. Payment is due in full.